Established in 2012, LOFTMAGENTA is a full-service property investment company that helps investors add the best real estate opportunities to their portfolio.

These opportunities are then put through a rigorous process of due diligence before being selected for presentation to investors. We provide comprehensive support throughout every stage of the investment process including, if required, the ongoing management, rental and resale of investments.

Our team of people know their markets inside and out.

Property investment advisors, researchers, marketers, consultants, analysts, account managers, quantity surveyors and property agents – every single one is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and passionate about property.

LOFTMAGENTA provides end-to-end property investment services to investors around the world. From initial analysis, advice, financing and process support through to ongoing management and, ultimately, the perfectly timed achievement of returns, we’re the trusted partner you need to seamlessly guide you through the complex world of international property investment. Our clients who are interested in investing abroad trust us to offer considered, expert investment advice and provide access to high-quality investment opportunities. We’ve become highly proficient in unlocking the investment potential within the world’s real estate markets. We help our clients make the potential of investing in property abroad a successful part of their personal wealth strategies.


Within carefully considered markets, investment in real estate has a well-deserved reputation for combining stability with excellent yields and returns, particularly over the long-term, where it often enjoys far less price fluctuation than alternative investments. The stability of property makes it the perfect asset class around which to build a strong and stable investment portfolio.

Real estate offers the opportunity to maximize your investment capital in a way few other classes can. Leveraging your capital by securing a mortgage against the property enables you to achieve returns that would require a much higher level of personal funding with other investment classes. Many property purchases can be intelligently structured to take advantage of tax benefits that aren’t available for other investment vehicles, further strengthening your ability to maximize the potential of your available capital.


Investors looking to build on their investment portfolio can select from the opportunities we offer, which are always of the highest caliber, combining quality builds with excellent local market potential.

All the offers provide the best gross rental yield and high secure tenant.

Retail - Brasserie® - London

Investment Details

A uniquely located new urban lifestyle quarter, St Mark's Square combines quick access to Central London and a modern retail precinct with surroundings defined by the picturesque open spaces of the city's southeast.

At a glance

    London, United Kingdom
    EUR 1.727
    936 square feet
    Up to 70% LTV
    Estimated completion: Q4 2015
    Rental yield up to 5.80%

Facilities and features

The investment case for London's Southeast Quarter continues to grow, and this new project in the center of an identified opportunity area in the region stands out for its quality, vibrancy and ambition. This is a part of London that is increasingly drawing the attention of the city's growing young professional and family demographics and with supply limited, St Mark's Square presents excellent scope for capital appreciation alongside sold yield performance.


Every investor is different, with a unique investment strategy, risk profile and market interest. We won’t presume to guess which elements of the LOFTMAGENTA proposition are most important to you, but we will say we’re confident we can make property investment work better for you than any other firm operating in our markets.

There’s more to real estate investment than buying and selling property. In between the initial capital investment and subsequent resale, international landlords need to deal with the complex issue of managing that asset. For many international landlords this long-term management aspect, particularly on an international level, can turn investors away from the excellent potential real estate offers.

As part of our end-to-end proposition, our team of experts in our preferred partner, Complete, will make the day-to-day management of your property as straightforward as possible whilst achieving leading rental yields to strengthen your overall returns.


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